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As a DP, it's important to make sure I go into every shoot fully equipped with what's needed to efficiently make the day. I've designed my camera package to be fully customizable and built specifically for each project. There's plenty of support, lighting and audio equipment in my arsenal as well.

For a complete list of my equipment, click here.

Canon C300 Mark III


Eventhough I often shoot with other camera models, I've always loved the look of Canon's Cinema EOS line. When gearing up to shoot the 1st season of Garage Squad back in 2013, the C300 made for the perfect light weight, super 35 camera that gave us everything we needed to make great TV. We shot all 8 seasons with Cinema EOS and these days I own both the Canon C300MKIII and the Canon R5C. These 2 cameras paired together make for a budget friendly, nimble package that can be built to suit any type of shoot.

Lenses (2).jpeg


I have all Canon EF mount lenses and just about any focal length up to 400mm. The Sigma 18-35 T2.0 Cine Lens is crispy sharp and a perfect lens to work on the Mōvi Pro. Having a good par focal lens is key when shooting handheld and the Canon 18-80 Compact servo T4.4 is a lightweight lens with a great zoom range and stabilization. The Canon 70-200 f2.8 is the gold standard telephoto zoom lens and combined with the 2x extender has a reach of 400mm. For interviews, the Canon 50mm f1.2, and the 85mm f1.4 make for great portrait shots with shallow depth of field. I also have the 100mm macro lens, 16-35 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8 and a few ultra wide Rokinon Cine Prime lenses in 12mm and 14mm and more!

Support-5 (2).jpeg

Support & Monitors

I’m equipped with a range of camera support equipment, including the Movi Pro, Syrp Slider, tripods and monitors. The Movi Pro is the perfect tool for creating dynamic cinematic shots while the Syrp Slider can capture programmed slider shots or time-lapse sequences in either 5’ or 3’ lengths. Alongside these specialized tools, an array of monitors enable clients, directors, producers and other crew to monitor the image.



The advancements in LED lighting technology has been impressive in recent years. The Aputure 300x is a great example. It's punchy, bright, durable and quick to set up and makes for a great key light with the soft box. The Intelly-tech 2'x2' Light Cloth kit, the 2' RGB Nanlight tubes, 10" RGB Nanlight tubes, and the Intelly-tech 3 light Pocket Cannon Kit make for a versatile lighting kit that can quickly be setup or torn down and is suitable for interviews and B-roll scenes and smaller crew projects. 



There's plenty of great audio operators I love to work with and I'm happy to make recommendations for your next project. However, when it's necessary for me to supply audio, I have a Lectrosonic Lr-B1 Lavalier system with a Sanken Lav and a Sennheiser
MKE 600 Boom Mic.


Full List of

Below is a complete list of the equipment I can personally supply. However, I commonly work with local camera rental houses, gaffers and audio operators to both equip and crew any size shoot.

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